Todd Phillips’ Folie à Deux Wraps Production

Todd Phillips’ took to IG to announce the wrap of production to ‘Joker 2: Folie à Deux’, the sequal to Phillips’ ‘Joker’ (2019). The Warner Bros. production has been filming in New York City, and Todd Phillips released stills from the film set while congratulating his crew on the experience working together.

We see a return of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker and Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker 2: Folie à Deux’. Phillips’ I imagine is riding high on confidence wrapping Joker 2. His first swing at ‘Joker’ was a box office success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. The film received critical acclaim for its direction, cinematography, and performances, particularly Phoenix’s portrayal of the title character.

The American psychological thriller Todd Phillips’ Joker is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Alongside Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, the film also starred Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and Frances Conroy in supporting roles.

The film follows Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who becomes increasingly isolated and marginalized by society, eventually turning to a life of crime and becoming the infamous Joker.

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