September 2019 Edition

The final month of Summer is here and as the wine growers prepare for harvest season to begin, CineVino travels to Italy for Biennale Cinema 2019. While covering the major film festival event taking place until September 7th, Cinevino also siezes this opportunity to traverse through the city of Venice, sipping spritz in the lingering Summer night, in-between our time in Lido, where the action of the prestigious Venice Film Festival takes place.

Pairing the celebrations of independent cinema with wines from the local region of North East Italy, CineVino features established and independent filmmakers  arriving at Biennale to premiere their films including Todd Phillips’ Joker, Roman Polanksi’s J’Accuse, Roy Andersson’s About Endlessness, Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story and an opulent selection of Italian cinema, to infuse with the wine, food, and culture of Venice, Italy.

Toronto and TIFF

In September 2019, we will also be featuring films and filmmakers from the 2019 Toronto Film Festival.