Robert Schwartzman Interview The Unicorn at Sundance Film Festival

Dawn Church: I wanted to ask, could you tell me a little bit more about what into the writing development for the script?

Robert Schwartzman: I like the process of development because it’s the moment where you are dreaming up things, you know what I mean? And by the way when you find a really good script and you can still come to it with a perspective and work with the writer and redevelop it. So, it was a story, again I met a Unicorn one night, it seemed like a jumping off place to tell the story. And with that it was like sort of the early stages of like something to bite into. And it felt like, you know when you are making a film or you are making a feature you have to sustain the audience for a certain amount of time. So you want to grab onto a story that you earned sustaining and maintaining everyone’s interest level. And for comedy I think you want to find exciting characters that ask big questions and that is a jumping off place. So we started with the jumping off place of they are looking for a unicorn, it’s one night, the train leaves the station and they just get this idea and they just go with it and it just gets crazier one beat at a time.

Robert Schwartzman: And then with that, you know we had the story. I went to Nick Rutherford who was the lead in the movie. Nick is from a comedy group called Good Neighbor which was basically Nick, Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett. Kyle and Beck are now on Saturday Night Live and they’re really great cast members. Anyway those three guys came up in comedy together. I was a fan of Good Neighbor. So I reached out to Nick, we became like friends and I pitched him this idea of the Unicorn and he really liked it and so we started writing it and we got to collaborate with some other great comedy writers.

And we were moving really fast like the nature of an indie is that you just try to go with it, you know what I mean?

And I think it is fun to make an independent feature where you don’t have to play by the rules of certain types of politics of studios and it’s for yourself in a way, to make an indie feature. And I think you just try to get excited, get passionate and just run and go and you just try not to slow down. And that was the nature of this movie, was like we had this idea, and we went for it. We said we were going to shoot at this time frame and we worked towards making that happen. And that is the nature of the movie, it’s very spontaneous and really fun. The train leaves the station and it never stops. So anyway, there is an energy of making this movie that we carried through the production of this movie and I hope that you feel, when you see it The Unicorn captures that kind of momentum of storytelling.

But I think a lot of people have their own way telling stories and what makes them excited and how they make movies and sometimes they work from a script, sometimes they work from an outline, sometimes it is heavy improve, you know what I mean? So there’s a lot of ways to do it but that is the it’s the magic of this art form.

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