Kurt Farquhar Offers Insight For Film Composers At Comic Con

CineVino Comic Con in San Diego with seven-time BMI award winner, film composer Kurt Farquhar. Kurt is currently working on the CW Network television show, Black Lightning and dedicated time at Comic Con to speak on a couple of panels including the panel Anatomy of a Super Hero.

Kurt Farquhar: “It’s about the craft. It’s about the work outside of the paycheck. You know, I remember when I was first coming up in television, I still wasn’t really making a lot of money and never knew when the lights would be on when I finally did get a place to stay, and I remember talking to one of my mentors at the time, Andre Fisher, and I said, “Geez, how do I get some money out of this. I just want to be able to afford myself, you know, to be able to eat and not be struggling every month.” and he says, “Well, you know, your job isn’t to make money now, your job is to make a reputation and the money will come.”

Put in the Work, Put in the Effort

Kurt Farquhar: “You have to put in the work, put in the effort, be true and vigilant on growing your abilities with your craft and from there, all things become available to you. Now, yes, you have to treat this like a business and it will treat you in kind, you know. And how it does that is by giving you money. But the point is, you have to be digging deep inside your self, because, trust me, you are battling nothing but geniuses, okay. I don’t know one guy that is doing this job that isn’t a musical genius. Wrap your head around that before you start coming on to this playing field. Not one of them.

On the stage today here, we did a panel here at Comic Con 2018, and it was Blake Neely, Christophe Beck, Tyler Bates and Marco Beltrami and myself, and every last one of them is a musical geniuse and if you are just a brilliant, brilliant, natural, just incredible musician right out the gate, what are you gonna do when you run into one of these guys who is not only a musical genius but has worked his butt off over and over and over again. Picking at things and turning them around. Like Tyler (Tyler Bates) said earlier today, he is still trying to learn from it. It’s a constant, constant urge to trying to hone your craft and make it better and better and better.

What are you going to do when you run in to someone like that? And you are a natural. Well, if you are not putting in the work, it’s not going to turn out very well once you are coming up against someone like us.

So, you know, that’s the thing, you have to work hard. You have to work like their is no tomorrow, every day. And for god’s sake, why wouldn’t you. Who wouldn’t want to do this. I get to tell people, “Hey, what do you do Kurt?” “Well, I write music for a living, I watch television shows, and films and I write music and put it to those things.” Ya, half of the people in the world will smack you and try to take your job and say why couldn’t they have that, having something that amazing. This is a wonderful, wonderful craft to be involved in and you meet such interesting and intelligent people and it’s not just a thing you do on your own, it’s the sort of job that you collectively do it with others, you know. I am not a start point of a picture, I am just a cog in the wheel on it. Some director has been working this whole idea for the last five years, and sometimes longer.

I was talking with one of my producers of In Contempt, this idea she had for In Contempt had been bouncing around for 10 to 12 years, and it’s all about stories of when she was an attorney, so she would have lived that life and then switch to this other life and had all those ideas, you know, bouncing around in her head, working and working, and I just come in at the last minute and.. (he snaps his fingers) no. It’s collectively what we do, starting with her vision and now, how do I bring my art to her vision and make them meld. That’s what my job is. What freaking great job is that!”

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