Get Out Film Composer Michael Abels at Sundance Film Festival

During the Sundance Film Festival, CineVino sat down with the film composer of Get Out, Michael Abels at the ASCAP Music Cafe, in Park City, Utah. Michael spoke with us about the process he took for creating the haunting, memorable music behind the hit film by Jordan Peele, Get Out.

Michael Abels: “Well I have been primarily known as a composer of concert music, music for live performance and I write a lot of orchestral music because I just enjoy the challenge of doing that I think. I think it’s extraordinary when groups of musicians who so well trained all play music together. So, anyway.. Jordan Peele saw some of my orchestral music, live performances on Youtube and he had the producers of Get Out hunt me down and give me a call. And they said.. after I returned their call, after I looked them up to make sure I wasn’t being Punked, I returned their call and they said, “Would you like to read this script.” and I said,“Hell Yeah!”



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