EFM Horizon Berlinale 2020

EFM Horizon will launch on Friday, February 21st with a focus sustainability,

Let’s focus in on EFM Horizon Berlinale 2020 and the potential we have available here at EFM Horizon Berlinale 2020. EFM Horizon, mental health, diversity and sustainability in 2020. Sustainability within the EFM Horizon at Berlinale and the Festival’s Sustainability Manifesto from the European Film Market with a need to make a comprehensive contribution to environmental protection, which also encompasses the promotion of diversity and of mental health. For this reason, these topics also play a significant role in “EFM Horizon“:


The “EFM Industry Debates” will again be presented by IFA, the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances. The talk series (February 21-23), will see top-class experts discuss currently relevant topics for market participants. Under the title “The Future of Storytelling” (in cooperation with “Screen International”), the influence of a new generation and of new formats on the narrative flow and the way of storytelling will be explored and expounded. The debate

“Indie Strategies in the Streaming Age” (in cooperation with “The Hollywood Reporter”) illuminates independent niche portals, which in addition to the streaming giants Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+ as well as the newcomers Disney+, HBO Max and NBCUniversals Peacock have to defend their position.

“Future-Proofing Marketing Strategies” (in cooperation with “Variety”), discusses the challenges in marketing with regard to offering customised market content in the changing media landscape.


7th Nostradamus Report under the heading “A Creative Explosion” by Johanna Koljonen, author of the annual report of the Göteborg Film Festival. The report aims to predict the future of the screen industries for the next three to five years. Johanna Koljonen succeeds at this endeavour by virtue of extensive research as well as interviews and discussions with industry experts. The presentation is followed by an in-depth talk with respect to different aspects of the report.