Dry Martina Director Che Sandoval and Antonella Costa At Tribeca Film Festival

We sat down with director, Che Sandoval and Argentine actress Antonella Costa at The Roxy Hotel in New York City during the Tribeca Film Festival to discuss the feature film from Che, Dry Martina. Che Sandoval is a Chilean screenwriter and film director. He is best known for his films You Think You’re the Prettiest (But You’re the Sluttiest) and I’m Much Better Than You. The USA premier for Dry Martina took place as part of the International Narrative Competition during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Antonella Costa: “This film was very special to me. This is the first time I worked on a script that was written for me, especially for me. I made, previously, 30 films, leading in 20, so I have many set hours inside of me but this was a very different experience because I’ve never read 10 versions of a script before shooting any film. And, well, I had to learn how to sing through the movie and because the character has many little things that are inspired from me and my personality and my history and my life, but she’s really different from me and it was not easy for me to understand her, to understand why she moves with no guilt. She doesn’t feel guilty about anything. But that inspires me. (Antonella laughs) She is like a feather. She goes, not inside the things. She runs away from drama. Nothing is drama for her. Where she receives the drama, she runs away.”

Che Sandoval Talks About The Cast Dynamics

Che Sandoval: ““For the cast, with Francesca and we chose them because they were perfect for the characters but I think the good feeling of the cast is because the way we worked. We rewrite everything, we discuss the scene with the actors so I think everybody felt part of the movie. Everybody is collaborating in the movie, not just putting in their work as an actor on the set. Not making the director think and changing scenes and I think that is why everybody felt comfortable, you know? And I think that they just fell work in work. That’s what I think. They were all in the movie. They want to make their best work, even if it is a bad day, I think they were in that mood. And I think in work, like Antonella, when she came to work, she lived for a week with the actress who plays Francisca and I think that was natural. That was something that became because of the process. I love Cassavetes and when you look at his movies and it’s like everybody seems very friendly and very natural too.”

Antonella Costa on Interpreting The Character Martina As An Actress

Antonella Costa: ““Deeply, I don’t feel like her. I had to do really hard work to understand her and interpret this role. There is think that is real from my life that when I was young, I just felt free in bed, this is true. But I was always with a boyfriend. Just one person and I don’t know, this is another point of view on sex and being young and everything. It’s another life, because she’s exposed in a way that I don’t know. She is really exposed to relationships and her personality with relationships and to sex. For me it was not easy to understand the feeling of freedom on that. Because for me, it is so dangerous. I don’t know. That is what a comedy is. Consequences are never awful, never horrible because it is comedy. You put a band-aid on and it’s dead and you move on. This was a difficult point for me.”

Che Sandoval: ““I believe in work and I believe the character is very human and it’s complex. There is no slogan behind the movie. They are just interesting characters, they are very broke. They don’t give importance to that, they just keep going and that is what the movie is about. It’s about people that are broken and they want to fix their life with love.”

An incredibly special thank you to Ajai Gonzalez of Reel Wicked Films for the camera work.


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