Cannes 2024 Sanki Yoxsan Short Film and an Interview with Azer Guliev

Premiering in the Official Competition of the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Azer Guliev’s Sanki Yoxsan tells the story of Samir and Leyla. They decide to run away after refusing to accept what had happened between their families, and whenSamir disappears the next morning, Leyla is left wandering in the midst of an impossible situation. She tries to find Samir, and as she does, she falls into the mysterious fate of her lost lover, turning into a piece of the mystery herself.

I sat down with Azer Guliev and the team at La Luna Productions to discuss their work together on the film and the road to being In Competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Eric Ethan: In your own words, will you please tell us a little bit about what the film is?

Azer Guliev: The film ‘Sanki Yoxsan’. The title of the film, it’s a local title. It’s in the Azerbaijani language. We looked many times for the international title for the film. And the meaning of the title, it’s like “we are not here”. But actually, this title means something deeper than we can describe. So finally, our producer decided that we need to keep this title in original language.The film is about two young lovers, about the broken love and about the problems and issues that they had. And in this one moment, what the mystery is. After this, we follow our hero in her mysteries as she is growing up.

Can you share a little bit about how you two (Sebastien the Producer and Azer the Director) came together?

Azer Guliev: Actually, when I created my second film, I just started to write to all producers from abroad. “Hi it’s me, I’m Azar Kuliv” something like this. And this hero, he just answered me. And we had a short call, and then I started to push him. “Please, please watch my films I need to make this I have the script”.. Something like this and in this moment thanks for him, thanks for his crew, his company and we started creating this film, working on the script, something like this and then we just created the film and we are here and maybe since our meeting for this moment at this interview I think it’s a dream.

Would you like to tell us a little bit about what was in the film that you saw that you were doing?

Sébastien Hussenot: At the beginning my desire to to work with Azir was first because he showed me his second short film that he did by himself and it was really for me a revelation because I saw that he had a point of view with on his characters. I saw a feeling from him through his characters from the way he was shooting them and and it was really for me a revelation of a film director. So that’s why I started to, we started to discuss and say okay I’m really curious to know more and so that’s why we asked him if he has a new project and he starts to send me a first screenplay and discuss about the script we discussed a lot. We changed a lot things and modify until the shooting until the editing but still in the way to understand what is his vision in fact and to help him to get this vision the best as possible and to get all, to make it as he has his thinking from the script stage and until the process when we are at the mixing process and say okay it’s a film as a whole.

Can you share with me about the challenges in making this film?

Azer Guliev: This process is challenging and it was so many stories. So many funny stories, so many sad stories and I don’t know what I can share it’s so much because the whole crew since the beginning of work, were like a family and thanks for all for this and also how can I say.. Our film is a bit of a mystery.

Zineb Kharroubi, Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and how you got involved in this project?

Zineb Kharroubi: I joined the La Luna production some months ago. And when I started working there, the project was already in post -production, I think. And then I did the strategy of the distribution of the film and we’re just really, really happy of the Cannes selection. Perfect. And is there anything else that you want to feel like we should mention?

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