Berlinale Shorts 2020

CineVino’s coverage of the 2020 Berlinale and European Film Market includes our extensive coverage of the filmmakers and Berlinale Shorts selections of 2020. With Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck taking over as lead curator and section head for the Berlinale Shorts program, this year’s program includes short films from all over the world.

German Shorts at Berlinale

German shorts at Berlinale include Inflorescense by Nicolaas Schmidt. This short is described as a romantic, conceptual, bedtime story. Also, A Demonstration, directed by Sasha Litvintseva, and Beny Wagner. This is a co-production from Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

French Shorts of Berlinale

Some great French short films and films from the French Canadian region of the world.

À l’entrée de la nuit, Anton Bialas, France, 19’ (WP)

Celle qui porte la pluie, Marianne Métivier, Canada, 17’ (IP)

Écume, Omar Elhamy, Canada, 28’ (WP)

Genius Loci, Adrien Mérigeau, France, 16’ (IP)

It Wasn’t the Right Mountain, Mohammad, Mili Pecherer, France, 29’ (WP)


2008, Blake Williams, Canada, 12’ (IP)
Aletsch Negative, Laurence Bonvin, Switzerland, 12’ (IP)
Atkūrimas, Laurynas Bareisa, Lithuania, 13’ (WP)
Cause of Death, Jyoti Mistry, South Africa / Austria, 20’ (WP)

Filipiñana, Rafael Manuel, Philippines / United Kingdom, 24’ (WP)
Girl and Body, Charlotte Mars, Australia, 19’ (IP)
Gumnaam Din, Ekta Mittal, India, 29’ (IP)
HaMa’azin, Omer Sterenberg, Israel, 11’ (IP)
How to Disappear, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf, Austria, 21’ (WP)
Huntsville Station, Jamie Meltzer, Chris Filippone, USA, 14’ (WP)
My Galactic Twin Galaction, Sasha Svirsky, Russian Federation, 7’ (WP)
Playback. Ensayo de una despedida, Agustina Comedi, Argentina, 14’ (IP)
So We Live, Rand Abou Fakher, Belgium, 16’ (WP)
Stump the Guesser, Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Canada, 19’ (WP)
T, Keisha Rae Witherspoon, USA, 14’ (IP)
Union County, Adam Meeks, USA, 14’ (WP)
Veitstanz/Feixtanz, Gabriele Stötzer, GDR, 25’, 1988 (out of competition)