Andy Gowan Big Mouth Music Supervisor Talks Big Mouth Licensing

CineVino met up with Big Mouth music supervisor Andy Gowan along with Big Mouth composer Mark Rivers and Big Mouth writer Joe Wengert at the VinoTeca wine bar in Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles to celebrate Mark River’s Emmy nomination and to learn more about selecting and licensing music for Big Mouth.

Andy Gowan: The first order of business when I came on board the show was the theme song. And Mark and Jenn ..

Joe Wengert: They were very passionate about using Charles Bradley’s “Changes”

Andy Gowan: Yes, and I honesty, once they mentioned that to me I was like “Yeah, that is the perfect theme song for the show.” So it kind of became my job to make it happen. Which I wasn’t going to admit this to them in my initial meeting but in my head, I was thinking this is a very daunting task.

Joe Wengert:Well, it’s a Black Sabbath song originally. right?

Andy Gowan:Its a Black Sabbath song and Charle’s Bradley wrote it.

Mark Rivers: Did you have to have to get Black Sabbath’s permission?

Andy Gowan: Yes, we had to go to their publisher.

Mark Rivers: Sharron Osborne, no doubt?

Andy Gowan: She may have been involve somewhere down the line. But I spoke to the publisher who owns the copyright to the song. The show also being what it is creates a challenge for me.

Joe Wengert: Do you have to pitch the show?

Andy Gowan: Yes, constantly.

Andy Gowan: People’s first reaction is usually like what?? what is this? And there is a hesitancy in being associated with it. Especially some of the artists and the songs we are trying to incorporate into the show, they are things where they don’t need exposure. They are not trying to get people to hear the song for the first time. They aren’t some struggling singer-songwriter in the bedroom looking for a chance. These are certain legendary, iconic musicians and songs and it can be a tough hurdle to get over.

Mark Rivers: I remember there was one song you were trying to get and the artists or their managements only exposure to the show had been some Youtube compilation (Yes) some fan had put together and it was all the most vile, dirty, it was the best of the hormone monster.

Andy Gowan: It was the best moments of the hormone monster and the person who made the compilation it was their favorite moments of the hormone monster season 1, it was a fan-made video and it was made with love. But a singer from a band we were trying to use in season 2, we actually already had the deal put together and even though it was for season two, season one had yet to premier and she saw this on Youtube some thing, some how and I got a call from her representative saying, you can no longer use this song in the show and we were very far along in the process and that was a big, Holy F.

Mark Rivers: Hormone Monster!!

Andy Gowan: But we worked it out, we got to work it out.

A special thank you to the Vinoteca Wine Bar located at 1968 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027. (323) 661-8070

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